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Distributor and reseller of Apparel Papers including marker paper, plotter paper, perforated Kraft paper, pattern board (card board) paper, tissue paper, heat seal paper, tracing plotter paper, brown pattern paper and so on. Also interested in selling newsprint paper to daily newspaper. Have excellent client base in Bangladesh market. Can ensure extreme success if proper product and price is offered by the manufacturer of such papers. With over three decades of expertise in specialized coating and lamination, Preet Enterprises has combined a customer-centric vision with fierce commitment to innovation. This has enable us to achieve breakthroughs in advanced specialty Papers and Films for the Garment Industry. By closely following the trends of the garment industry, and quickly adapting to their ever-changing requirements, we have an edge in understanding your needs, thereby enhancing your production.

Our company inventories are dedicated to the customer’s demand, quality of service and unsurpassed transparency. Preet Enterprises vision is to become the most preferred specialty paper and Films supplier globally. We are committed to world-class quality products, progressive research, product- development, environmental responsibility and exceptional customer support.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality products in different business categories. We have a distinct advantage in terms of understanding the needs of our clients.


Preet Enterprises vision is to become the world's most trusted specialty paper and film provider. We are dedicated to providing world-class quality products, innovative research, and customer service.


Our core value is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products possible. We are dedicated to the customer’s demand, quality of service, and unsurpassed transparency.

Why Us

Preet Enterprises is dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional service so that our valued customers may boost output and contribute to the global economy.With our entire line of products and services, we strive to be one of the best industrial packaging machine manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Preet Enterprises provides high-quality services, support, and installation in India and abroad.
  • Preet Enterprises has been developing its skills since its inception, with the goal of meeting the unique needs of its clients in terms of development and services.
  • Develop a mutually beneficial connection with our customers, assuring their long-term success, by understanding their needs as well as the needs of their customers.
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